Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars

Stydran is a rough place for a little fairy.  When her boyfriend asked her to run away to paradise the fire fairy Aroe took a chance.

Love and travel are hard games.  When she loses the fairy is left to make her own way in the paradise of Portland.  And this paradise isn’t what she thought but we never really look for what we need in life.  Sometimes what we need finds us.


Chapter One: Arrows

Chapter Two: Heart of Glass

Chapter Three: One Headlight

Chapter Four: Rose Tattoo

Chapter Five: Puff

Chapter Six: Scar Tissue

Chapter Seven: Spirits

Chapter Eight: Safe and Sound

Chapter Nine:  Little Talks

Chapter Ten: Riptide

Chapter Eleven: Polaroid


I’d like to throw out a mention to Mollie Wallace (@readheadreader) for beta-reading.  Also  Faith Rivens (@Faith_theRivens) for reading the whole thing as I posted it originally.  Your support has meant a lot to me, ladies.  Thank you both.


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