Thoughts for Food

A Loose Collection of Thoughts on Food and Writing.

World Building

In cold northern Fryhel for almost every meal they serve bread and ‘fairy butter’.

To start it’s called fairy butter because it’s made in Southern Cyok by fairies.

It’s made from a coconut like fruit, reddish according to the locals. When prepared it produces a thick yellowish red oil.  The oil is cooked at a low temperature with orange peels and other citruses for about six hours, then shipped in casks.  Served on heated bread they say eating the butter will stave off illness and diseases of the mouth.

The people of Fryhel got no clue what scurvy actually is, or vitamin C, but we do and good chance your reader does.  (And a people that live off meat and fish alone are a little boring). Continue reading


Works in Progress.


The Strumbellas – Wars (Live)

Listening to that song and band a lot lately.  I love all of their stuff, seriously check them out they’re great.

So working on my world.  Well working on a world, Eledgya (Otherworld).  Felt the need  Continue reading

Bad Penny

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Murphy Residence

Christmas Eve, 2007

The cooking thermometer made a loud -Ding- as the portal began to open.

Nicole tossed her paperback onto the workbench, and slipped a 9mm into the back of her pants. The number of refugees lately had increased, yet another war between Stydran, and Fryhel sending them through in droves.  The alarm had been Nicky’s idea, he was pretty clever occasionally.  It only gave them a minute of warning, but it was better than a sudden bright flash, and then visitors. Continue reading

Shooting Stars: One Headlight


(Start with part one here.)

Chapter 3:

One Headlight

The car ride was uncomfortable, and it wasn’t just the way her wings fit in the seat.

The fists still hurt against her chest, and her pride stung, being trounced by a leprechaun wasn’t a high point in her life. She talked the whole time, Nicole, her ‘nice’ tone strong again. Continue reading