#TalesNoir (I Started a Writing Prompt Game)

Anyone who follows me on twitter may have just possibly happened to notice that I perhaps enjoy the odd writing prompt game, now and then.  Just a smidgen.

So I started my own (I wasn’t drinking, and it wasn’t one am. So a mature decision, see I am a grown up. I’m going to have a few gram-grams and some chocolate milk to reward myself).

  I called it #TalesNoir and the first day is Wednesday 12/28!



It’s for horror, dark, gothic, and noir fiction.  All writers are welcome.  The usual rules about courtesy and civility apply.  Also twitters posting rules, of course.

The optional theme is a looser one, since we’re such a specific game.  For example the first is starts or beginnings so any lines that pertain to the first of something, or new meetings, settings, anything.  Also the theme is optional.  Long as it’s got that touch of night, then it’s welcome and thanks for sharing.

So that’s about it. I hope to see you there, I’d love to hear a few darker voices among the writer community.

And while I’ve got you here:  Thanks to all my readers in 2016 and in the many, many years that will follow.  Long way yet, but I’m feeling like we’re coming up on phase two.

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Happy Whatever Holidays You Do Celebrate (Or If None Then Just Have A Nice Day), And A Bright Shining New Year. 


Thoughts for Food

A Loose Collection of Thoughts on Food and Writing.

World Building

In cold northern Fryhel for almost every meal they serve bread and ‘fairy butter’.

To start it’s called fairy butter because it’s made in Southern Cyok by fairies.

It’s made from a coconut like fruit, reddish according to the locals. When prepared it produces a thick yellowish red oil.  The oil is cooked at a low temperature with orange peels and other citruses for about six hours, then shipped in casks.  Served on heated bread they say eating the butter will stave off illness and diseases of the mouth.

The people of Fryhel got no clue what scurvy actually is, or vitamin C, but we do and good chance your reader does.  (And a people that live off meat and fish alone are a little boring). Continue reading

Flesh: Character Prompts

Okay, so you want to create jaw-dropping characters no one will ever forget?

That’s my goal too and in pursuit of that I’ve created a huge list of writing prompts. Then I made a whole set of them into images to share with you. (Practicing my image making skills and I’m nice like that.)

So from here they’re pretty self-explanatory and red.  What?  I like red. Continue reading

A Twitter Post

The Strumbellas, again, The Bird That Follows Me.

So ’bout that blue bird.

I started twitter on February 10th.  I’m socially awkward and I always have been.  You can’t be a hermit author anymore though, the industry is changing.  Flooding and morphing and settling into this strange new era. Continue reading

Marshmallow Trail

Sweat rolled off Kint’s forehead, but the tengu barely seemed to notice the heat.

Hills of long grasses, golden already in may, blew in the mild breeze.  He could see it’s effect but Kint felt nothing except the baking sun slicing through his clothes.  The road ahead was long, a gray snake that cut the land.

The tengu behind him, Noda, actually whistled, apparently enjoying being roasted alive on the highway. Continue reading