About the Writer

Hello, I’m John Cordial and I love to write.

So personal facts:

Cordial is a pen name, my real first name is John. My last name was already taken by another author so I picked out a good one.

I drink black coffee and tea with just a splash of milk. Not at the same time unless I’m really behind.

Listen to tons of music. Mostly indie stuff and just whatever subgenre. I write whatever genre I feel like and I don’t worry about it too much.

Coffee and music keep me going(besides this crazy hope I keep nursing.) I love folklore and mythology too, I even write the odd post on it. I love leaving references and Easter eggs in my work.

You can watch me fumble around twitter if you like: @john_cordial

Or if you’d just like to chat you can email me at: johncordial1985@gmail.com  

 © All Creative Works Property of John Mauldin (2016-)

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