A Twitter Post

The Strumbellas, again, The Bird That Follows Me.

So ’bout that blue bird.

I started twitter on February 10th.  I’m socially awkward and I always have been.  You can’t be a hermit author anymore though, the industry is changing.  Flooding and morphing and settling into this strange new era.

Maybe more on that later, I didn’t come here to wax poetic about yesteryear.

I came here to wax poetic about twitter!  Or just talk about it some.  I’m glad I joined.  In these few months I’ve made so many friends and had so much fun that I can’t believe I ever worried.


First off going to focus on writing tags and games here, cause that’s what I do.  Haven’t gotten into the trending games or anything else much.


I follow all the writers, readers, thinkers, and real people that follow me.  Up to you but if you don’t take an interest in people, don’t be surprised if they don’t keep following you.

I just think of it like making acquaintances.  I’ve met a lot of my closest friends on twitter from cold follows (seemingly random ones) so just keep that in mind.


Talk to people.  Be friendly.  Beyond that there is no right or wrong.  Just interact and try not to worry too much.  Some people talk more, some less, there’s nothing wrong with either.


Get noticed.  People search these to reach past their normal set of friends and follows so add these to tweets—when relevant—to get seen and make new friends and follows.

Writing tags to post or search for writing friends.


#amwritingfantasy (Or any genre on the end of that)





And these are a great way to get you get noticed.  Just post your work to these on the right days and meet people.  Simple as that.

So here’s a list of games:













#WhosYourCharacter (Also Sundays.)





So how do you play?  Well first off everything but #SlapDashSat has a theme, I recommend searching the game on twitter and checking the theme the night before.  Normally they’re in a post like this


Often the themes are optional, I follow them it’s up to you.

I pick out my favorite lines  post them and I go through all of the tweets on days I do.  I’m pretty liberal with my like and retweets, up to you how you want to be but a little support goes a long way.  A lot farther than you’ll see most the time, just remember that.  Retweet the theme at least, the more people that play the better.  Can’t be seen if there’s no one there to see.

@writevent tweets announcements so you can follow them for an easy reminder.

*The games with the asterisks are specifically themed (#MissMuseMe is picture based and #FriDare is a true challenge.)

Twitter Chats

These are a bit like a quiz game.  The host offers up questions, you answer them, comment on others answers and well—chat.  Here’s some sample answers:


That’s from my favorite chat #storycrafter (by @Writerology).  It’s Sundays at 8pm GMT or 12pm Pacific.  I’ll leave the math to you on your own locale.


#Storycrafter – Hosted by @Writerology– Sundays Noon PST (8pm GMT)

#PoetryHeart – Hosted by @JasmineMelancon – Sundays 1pm PST

#Writeforum – Hosted by @FenlandGirll – Tuesdays Noon (8pm GMT)

#Chance2Connect – Hosted by @_KimChance – Tuesdays 7pm PST

#WritersLifeChat – Hosted by @JessicaInGold – Wednesdays 5pm PST (8pm EST)

#StorySocial  – Hosted by @storysocialchat – Wednesdays 6pm PST

They move fast, answer at your own pace and just give it a few shots.  No one does great at first, at anything.  I still barely make it through but I have a great time trying.



#WIPjoy. A month long game that asks you to answer a specific question each day. Ran by @simmeringmind.  Next one is September.(April)  I’ll see you guys there.

ClYqr9GWQAAk5K5.jpg large

Keep an eye out for it, it’s a lot of fun.  More month long games have popped up too. #FebWIP, #authorconfession, and #FictFBFeb17 are all going on right now!


This is a complex-ish twitter tool, I use it to make the chats easier to follow and schedule tweets for the games.  Get into it at your own pace.  I’m still learning it so I’m not going to be super helpful there.


These and constant self-promotion tend to bother people.  Why not be genuine and make real friends anyway, I say.  Whatever you want to do just mentioning it.


Anyway, that’s my twitter post.  It’s really not the most in depth but it should get you going.  If you have any questions on twitter, or just want to make twitter friends with me: @john_cordial

I hope this helps and if you have questions here, or just want to say hey, the comments are below.

Started on a bit of a down song so lets end on something happy.

Really loving that band lately.  Have a good one.




12 thoughts on “A Twitter Post

    • You’re welcome and that’s awesome! I’m glad you joined, it’s always great to see new people. I’m going to make the chat section a proper schedule this evening sometime, with dates and times. I’m really glad it helped. 🙂
      And yes! #WIPjoy is great, join us in September. I’ll be talking about a novella I’m writing.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks for updating the section! Most of those times are around my lunch and dinner times, lol, but I’ll try to make them.
        WIPjoy looks kind of like chats, only with less time constraints and spans the whole month, so it’s slower paced compared to chats? If so, I’m in!

        Liked by 1 person

        • You’re welcome. I only usually attend storycrafter myself but they’re all really wonderful.

          Yeah that’s exactly what it is, wish I had thought of that comparison when writing that bit. Yeah, you go at your own pace too. I missed a few days and just did them later, it’s all very relaxed. Fun to chat about everyone’s work too, you can get to know them and what they love about their stories at the same time. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Mollie!
      Yeah, there is a ton. I didn’t even realize how many games there were, I think I missed a few too. I added Meta4Mon late as well, figures I’d figure the metaphor one, they’ve never been my strong suit.
      Hope you’re well and thanks again. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

        • It’s nice, you can get a little encouragement each day and it does help a lot.

          Lol, I almost shared a whole scene today alone. The line I used for #FictFri is from one of my favorite parts of the Tybalt Perdition and I really was so close to just doing ten tweets in a row from that scene. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

  1. Thanks for posting!! I’m very new to Twitter. I mean, I joined ages ago but got sort of lost and abandoned it. I’ve recently returned and it’s been crazy fun! I’m going to have to bookmark this post to keep all the games straight :).

    Liked by 1 person

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