Works in Progress.


The Strumbellas – Wars (Live)

Listening to that song and band a lot lately.  I love all of their stuff, seriously check them out they’re great.

So working on my world.  Well working on a world, Eledgya (Otherworld).  Felt the need  for a map and a map has led me places.  It’s been fun at least, I’m a terrible artist but I can only get better, right?  Using Gimp image software.  Still going to need to find a real artist for Stumptown’s cover but I can make something to show them what I want.  And I can make covers for blog posts and stories.  Like this one.


Slightly cleaned up version with a legible name.

Stumptown is going through a slow rewrite, stuck on a few plot points.  The Tybalt Perdition is nearly done with editing.  Also it has a cover.

I did do this last week.  Shooting Stars page.  Been planning it for a while.

Oh yeah, new site design!  That took a while, I’m not amazing at this stuff.  Just a WordPress theme but I wanted to change things around.  I got red links with it so it was worth it.  (Favorite color is red.)

Anyway as mentioned above The Tybalt Perdition is coming soon.  August 7th is the target release date.  That’s next Sunday and I’d love if you guys would stop by and check it out. Here’s a snippet from the story and I’m going to go work on that.

Caldur poured herself a double.

The day was twice as hard as promised, pay was half as much.  Whisky brought some balance.

Catching sight her of pale glamour in the green bottle she let the spell go.  The magic fell away, her skin became its normal blue, her eyes shining silver.  Her hair stayed the perfect black she had been born with, at least that passed for normal around here.

She sipped the amber liquid on the way to her faded leather couch.  Clear plastic bowls of water were set in corners and on surfaces.  Caldur’s lease didn’t allow fish tanks but she made do.  Girl living alone needed to protect herself somehow.

Fryhel hadn’t agreed with her.  The only ways to make coin for a water fairy involved chamber pots or spread legs.  The best life she could hope for on that side didn’t shine near as bright as the worst on this one.

So she left.  Made some travel money cleaning what needed cleaning, then moved on.

Nearest hospitable portal was in Stydran.  Ten days by wing.  Caldur had broken down and flown with a group of fairies, a suite of them traveled together to the Aerie and they dropped her at the portal.  The group was safer than traveling alone and the other fairies weren’t so bad.  A few even talked to her but she wasn’t a social butterfly.


Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a great week and I’ll see you soon with the rest of the tale.

Up to anything special?  Ever make your own covers or artwork for posts?


7 thoughts on “Works in Progress.

  1. Your cover looks like a good start. I’m drawn to it because of the fox and I’m curious to know why it’s on a poster and what it says, but your name is a little hard to read.
    I used to try and sketch covers for my books for general ideas. Haven’t done it in years, but it was fun. It looks like working with real images would be more fun, though!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. It’s supposed to be a reward poster but I didn’t do the dimensions right. I’ll probably redo it soon so that it’s clearer. The name is an easy fix, I’ll do that in a moment.
      Drawing your own covers is really neat. Gimp is a lot of fun to use but I’m just getting the hang of it. I’ve never been much for art outside of writing. Well creating my own, I mean.
      Thanks again for stopping by. Nice seeing you around on twitter too. 🙂


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