Journal: A Brief Kint-erlude.

I’ve waited a long time to make that pun.

So been pretty busy lately.

My side novella’s did the trick, Stumptown Noir is back in full swing.  I decided to do a lot of rewrites, and a lot of additional scenes.  Draft two is 16k already.

Also I started editing my first ever novella Wanderer’s Web, again. I’ve meant to do it for a while.  Kint is a character I have a lot of attachment to, I want his stories to be the best they can.  Good practice too.

I wrote a story about Unicorns, that features Kint.  Set twenty years ago.  A bit of the ronin’s past.  And I’ve been beta-reading for a friend.  Yeah, busy, but this is how I have fun.  That and bad puns apparently.

That’s about it.  Birthday season around here so I’ve eaten a lot of cake.  That’s noteworthy at least right?  One was a Coconut Cake.  What?  I like Coconut Cake.

Hope everything is good with you guys and I’ll be posting more soon.  Until then, here’s a  short preview from the aforementioned, but unnamed, unicorn story.  Have a great weekend everyone.

Kint blinked, unsure if he was seeing things right.  The sparkling manure was enough, but the amount of skeletons was beyond his understanding.  A few still with tatters of clothing, and gray shreds of flesh.  He counted eight skulls, some big enough to be adults.

“Lord help us,” he said, hand sliding in a cross over his chest on it’s own.

Movement at the end of the tunnel, a light neighing sound echoed off the concrete. It was waist height, a foal, but already bearded.  White fur, filthy from the mud, and a tangled white mane.

The horn was just a foot or so, but plenty long for a kill.


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