Mage’s Luck 14: Trustfall

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Nicole toweled her hair off.

It was nearly dawn, and things had not been good.  Morgan, and Cowell had tussled in the garage.  ‘Tussled’ being the nice way to say they had destroyed a SUV.  No real injuries, besides the vehicle.  Cowell’s pride most likely too.  Morgan was maybe 130, and just shy of six feet.

Being beaten up by her had to hurt.

The no injuries excluded Matt, and the toes on the floor.  Nicky, and Morgan had to keep her from hitting the dragon version of Cowell with her axe.  She was fairly certain he, and Matt were in a death race for the last book now.  Probably on some other quiet highway.

Things had just not gone well.

Even before she flicked on the news to a delightful video of Matt bouncing off the library.  Morgan, and her had gone through a six-pack watching the fight.  No talking, but she was sure the were both glad the footage was only in downtown, and that the pile of cars laying across their normally clean junkyard had not been connected.

As it was Lewis had called.  Nicky fielded it, ‘lying like a lawyer’ Pa would say, but she expected a visit from the Wyvern soon.

Just not well at all.

“Gone.  Again.”  Pictures were too much, but she had kept a few CD’s he made.  She looked through her dusty old case.  His handwriting was ridiculous, even for a boy, but she still liked the way he looped his A’s.

Nothing for dancing though, so she grabbed something newer.

It was their secret.  She always told people she was terrible at dancing, and he said the same.  Their little joke.

They certainly were not great, but together, in the little room that wasn’t important.  Good, and bad were lost in the moments of them.  All that mattered was the warmth, and the spin.  Slow, and steady.

Magic was in her, but she never had the mage’s touch.  The little extra that makes it worth studying further.  For a leprechaun though she was strong.  Nicole used a bit, calling to him.

The ritual made it easier.  Headphones plugged in, and her own arms to hold her.  Every day for a month after his death she had done it.  Driving herself half-crazy, she had called to him.  Never answered, but sometimes she could almost feel his arms.  Almost felt like she was moving with him acting as her shadow.  Those moments kept her alive, even as they drained her.

One-two, across the floor.  Internally she begged, but outwardly tears streaked a losing smile.  Her eyes closed, she spun calling to him, begging him, begging the gods, begging whoever would help.  “One last chance.”

The song ended, her still spinning alone.

It was on repeat, so it started again, but she turned it off.  Her phone barely made it to her bed, before she collapsed next to it.

“You said.”  She took a moment to collect herself, no need to appear crazier, if anyone else was still up.  “You said forever.  I forgave you the first time, but this is too much.  I do.  More than anyone, or anything.  You say it’s right, and I’ll stand by you.  I love you, babe.  Please, just come back to me.”


Besides the shower running.

She gulped, walking out her door to glance downstair again.  Nicky was on the couch, Annabelle in the chair.  Morgan was in the spare bedroom, and the door squealed a bit.

The Witch was sitting up in bed, looking tired.

“Something wrong?” she asked.

“Just checking on everyone.”  Nicole’s voice broke, but Morgan just nodded.

“I’m guessing that’s the fire fairy, or the guy in the wheelchair in the shower then.”

“Shower?” Nicole asked carefully.  The Witch sighed, and Nicole wondered about the hand sliding over her throat.

After what seemed like forever she said, “Should probably hurry though, I think Cowell is still mad.  Maybe you, and him can visit your mom, or his, or whatever.”

“Thanks, Morgan.”  Nicole wiped her eyes again, although at this pint it was ridiculous.

“Better life right?  I’ll let everyone know you’re safeish.  Luck, honeybun.  Tell the mage we’re even.”

Nicole nodded, backing out of the room.

First she went to her room, writing Annabelle a note.  She knew the fairy would understand, but she couldn’t leave without a goodbye, even if it was just for a while.  With a sigh she filled out one for Nicky too, including to call her if necessary in a P.S. at the bottom.

With a smile she turned to the bathroom door. She avoided the trap before, but this time she opened the door, a little surprised to see two Tomes on the little sink.


“Made a stop off in Idaho, before I came home earlier.  Must of slipped my mind.”  He didn’t peek around the curtain, but she heard a squeak then the water shut off.

“Oh, must have.”

“Sorry, I took so long.  To get back the first time, I need this though, honey, I really do.  I picked you up a book too.  Leprechaun leaders of the female type.  Seemed like somethin’ you’d like.”  He pulled the trick she expected, the sudden curtain draw, the knowing smirk as she examined his hip tattoo.

“Looks interesting.”

“Uh, it’s in my coat,” he told her.

“Oh, you just want to read?”
End Tale


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