Journal: Cover dreams….

….  Plus some sequel things.

First though, I’ve listened to this song like 400 times.  You should too.


Okay. haven’t done this in a while.  Been really busy deciding on some things for my novel-s (Notice the italicized ‘S’ please) and some projects I’ll reveal at a later date.

Big news, 1500 followers on twitter.  Yep, going places.  Actually, I’ve been a little down lately, money issues, writing issues.  Just life stuff.  I’ll work it out.  Also 50 posts here.  So yeah, big weekend.

So journal thingies.  Doing some blog posts.  Ones an essay on side characters, and the other a guide to character creations, and tips.  Made my own character templates.  Giving those out then too.  Not much else besides some editing on the end of Mage’s Luck.  Background stories, for my novel characters.  Might share a few of the Kint ones.

So, onto the ‘S’.

Rewriting huge portions of book one.  Working on some things.  Decided to add in some more POV, and mess with some of the current ones.

Outlining is done on WIP #2.  Just Glass for a working title.  It’s going to be a direct sequel to Stumptown Noir, a duology I guess it’s called, whereas all my other work will should be stand alone.  I hope to release them a few months apart.  I want to have Glass done, before I release Stumptown though, so lots to do…

I’ve even got some cover concepts.  Well I had a dream, about them…  The books, in paperback…  Probably just because of the amount of time I spend working on them.  I had some vague ideas, but now I know exactly what I want.  They just looked really good, in the dream.  Really appealed to me.

Sound a bit nuts huh?  Eh, I’m a writer.  They’ll say I’m eccentric one day.

Not much else to say.  Going to #storycrafter twitter chat at 12 pst, assuming my computer holds out.  It’s not that bad, but twitter chats really mess with it, especially if I don’t remember to shut it down before.  Tweetdeck helps a lot.

Well that’s about it.  Watch for the end of Mage’s luck this week, and some non-fiction posts.

If you’re a writer how  did you decide on your book cover?  Still deciding?  How has your week been?


5 thoughts on “Journal: Cover dreams….

  1. I’ve designed my own cover for my self-published novel (but have since taken the book down). Maybe you could make a composite to help a designer make it look pristine? My week is currently going by way too fast! I hope your week’s going well!

    Tweetdeck is a lifesaver, I was so upset when they discontinued the app. Storycrafter is amazing, and I’ve met so many amazing writers through her group (including yourself!). I recommend it to every writer I meet who’s active on Twitter.

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    • Sorry to hear about your book. Congratulations on getting it done, at least. Just writing that much is an amazing accomplishment. May I ask why you’ve taken it down? If it’s not too personal, of course.
      That’s a really great idea for my cover. Thank you!
      My week is going good, but really fast as always. Never enough time.
      Storycrafter is my favorite. I really love the questions, and I get so many awesome insights into my writing, and characters. I know what you mean, everyone I meet there is really awesome (Ditto). Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂


      • Not personal at all! It was quite a number of years ago and the gist of it was that I was riding high on those waves of self-accomplishment and figured a line edit would be all the story needed! I call it writer’s remorse now. But definitely good practice. I used POD with Smashwords, so going through that formatting and presentation experience alone was worth it.

        Yes, can you believe it’s Wednesday already? If there were a way to clone myself, I’d be first in line. I think it’s a common problem among creatives.

        And it’s always a pleasure to meet a fellow writer! And even more awesome when they have a blog I can follow! Looking forward to reading about your cover design and writing journey!

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        • Oh yeah, I know writers remorse. I wrote a novella called Wanderer’s Web, and it seemed good when I posted it on wattpad. Reread it a few weeks ago, and not so good…
          Just starting in on learning all of the actual technical stuff, and it’s really intimidating at first. Starting to get more comfortable though. It’s a lot less scary after I started.
          I wouldn’t even know it was Wednesday if not for the hashtag games on twitter. I love those.
          Thanks, I’m really excited to sharing it, and all of my random thoughts on writing. Looking forward to your blog too. 🙂

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