Mage’s Luck 11: Broke Static



“What?” Nicole asked.

“He…. We had some words, sis, sorry.  He said he was going to fly to Corvene,” Nicky said, but his sad eyes did not really fill her with forgiveness.

“What kind of words?” she asked, trying to control her tone.

“Not great ones,” Nicky answered.  They were in the garage, Nicky still somehow doing paperwork.  “He was checking on Morgan, she didn’t answer my texts, and still hasn’t.”

“Matt answer?”

Nicky’s silence told her, and she resisted the urge to smack him.

“You try,” Annabelle said.  Probably catching the ‘choke something’ look in her eyes, Nicole realized and trying to distract her from Nicky.

Her finger was hovering over the call button, when the black Lexus pulled onto the gravel.  Cowell unfolded his lean body from the car, slipping sunglasses over his eyes.  It was a spell body, of course, but still he did know what women liked to look at.  Unfortunately, the body was not worth his little personality flaws.  The person inside either, she suspected, but still she enjoyed the view.

“Nice,” he said.

“Nicole,” she told him.

“Fairy,” he nodded at Annabelle.  “Nicholas.”

Nicky gave him a head nod, but Annabelle barely looked at the dragon.

“I’m going to go unwrap,” she told Nicole.  “I’ll stay inside.”  The fairy usually spent her days helping around the garage, a living spot welder when needed, but the odd human customer they got forced her to look normal.  Apparently also gave her an excuse to slip out when needed.

“Can I borrow a shirt?” Sari asked looking down.  She was still wrapped in Matt’s coat, and seemed to be back on the verge of tears.  The run from the store failed to improve her mood, and she looked ready to give up.

Nicole nodded.  “Come back after though, sweetie.”

The angel nodded, and followed the Fairy inside.

“Give her one with wing holes,” Nicole called after them.  “She sprouts wings,” she said to Cowell.

“Like a fairy?” he asked.

She shook her head.  “Like an angel.”

“No such thing as Angels.”

“Well she’s not just a crazy fairy.  That’s pretty established,” Nicole said.  “She’s probably a freaking angel, I guess.  Matt thinks so.”

“Anything to prove it?”

“She can’t even talk,” Nicky said.  “Well some things, but most of it’s just babbling.”

“Like static, too many channels coming in at once,” Nicole said.  “That’s what Matt was thinking.”

“Where is he anyway?”  Cowell glanced around the garage.  “And wasn’t Morgan supposed to be here?”

“Calling him now,” Nicole said.  “Went looking for her, actually.  She was late.”

Cowell gave her a look, part amusement, part pity, and Nicole wondered whether he would survive a gunshot wound to his forehead scar.  Her axe was still in the living room.

“Nicky called her, and when she did not answer, he got worried.  He flew to Corvene, to check on her.  I’m calling him now,” she said carefully.  Sarihanel walked into the garage, wearing a plain black shirt.  “Show him your wings, S,” Nicole told her.

She sighed, and they flowed out with her breath, spreading wide before she folded them against her back.

“Impressive,” Cowell said.  “Does she do any other tricks?”

“This isn’t funny, Cowell.”

The angel opened her mouth, static flowing from her.

“What do you want me to look for?” he asked, all business, as he approached her.

“Just whatever,” she said.  “Stuff about me, Matt, who she is.”

“What is he doing?” Sari asked backing up.

“Just going to look around inside your head,” Nicole said.  “Remember? We talked about it.”

“Didn’t the mage say it was a bad idea?”

“Of course, he would,” Cowell said.

“Did he?” Nicky asked.

“He thought it was better handled by languages, but it will be fine.  Just take a moment.”

Her phone started ringing.  Matt.

“Honey, we’re on our way back, batton …. pissed off angel is after…. After stuff, probably Sarihanel …. back….” His voice crackled, and half the words were drowned out b the sounds of the highway.

“What?  Babe, you’re breaking up.”

“The guy who b…. he needed …. up loose….”

“I’ve got Cowell about to read her now,” Nicole said.

Matt was silent a long moment, or cut off completely, before she heard, “Idea, Nicole …. Trust me, honey, please…. Wait.”

She stared at the phone, before nodding to Cowell.  “Hurry back, Matt, I can’t hear anything.  I love you, babe.  Just hurry back.”

If he replied she never heard it.

Cowell’s scream mixed with the angel’s, as the energy flowed between them.  His hands were on her face,  fingers convulsing, and digging in, clear fluid flowing over them.  The angel’s hand were on his chest, her eyes frenetic, as she shook.  Her voice gave out, the screaming stopping, and her body went still.

The dragon’s scream continued, as Nicole grabbed a long piece of steel they used as a lever for the floor jacks.  She jammed it between the two, and and pulled back.  The angel dropped, body limp, as she hit the floor.

Cowell fell onto his back, blood draining from his nose.  Liquid shimmer of blue around him, as his spell body dissolved.

Ten feet long, still young, and small for his kind, the true dragon now lay before her.  Ice blue scales, and gleaming silver wings.  Second time she had seen his true form, and last time was a lot more impressive.

Nicole put her hand on his neck, an act more intimate feeling than their last hookup, and waited for the pulse.  A thrum, but it was weak.

“What about the angel?” Nicky asked from the office.

“I’m checking now,” Nicole said.


Nicole turned to the door, just as the first of the zombie-people made it off the gravel.  She drew her gun, but Nicky was faster, hitting the emergency button.  The garage door slammed, the locks engaging as the woman thumped into it.  No beeps this time, just a single quick blare, and then her own voice.  “Arm up.”

Annabelle burst through the door from the kitchen, still pulling on a shirt.

“Dead?” she asked, looking at the two on the floor.

“Also,” Nicole said, nodding to the people at the front.  “But Cowell is still alive.”  More thumps, as more of the enthralled people hit the door.

“Sari?” Annabelle asked.

“No pulse,” Nicole said.  “But I don’t know if… I mean look at her it’s not like blood it’s like karo syrup, or glue.”  Bone showed on a couple of finger holes in the top of her skull, and it was like nothing the leprechaun had seen before.  White, normal, but still something off.  She wanted to touch it, but was too afraid of hurting her further.

Annabelle crouched next the angel, looking at her eyes.  “Still something in there I think.”

“Hopefully,” Nicole said.  “Move her to the side.”  The fairy dragged her over to the wall, sticking her under a table.

“Is the back secure?” Nicky asked.

Nicole remembered the red tie, and the half closed gate.


Next part out soon. Doing a new format, just trying to find what I like for short stories on here.


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