Moving right along…

Ok, so you might have noticed a story popping up around here. I finished my novels outline a couple of weeks ago. It’s only about 55k words. I’ve done all the scenes, and I’m working on it. It still needs something, so while I’m re-reading/plotting I’m going to keep working on my writing, and editing skills. Hence the short story series going on.

Shooting Stars. A fire fairy searching for her paradise. Set in the same world as my upcoming novel series, a fictional version of the Pacific Northwest, and California, it stars a character I cut from the novel, and her little journey. I liked writing it, and I know some people enjoyed it. Mission accomplished. Thanks to all my readers.

It’s part one. Part two starts tomorrow, with Prologue 1: Yellow Lights. It is set shortly after the end of Shooting Stars. I’m going to release another prologue every few days, and the story starts properly on the first of May. Probably go for an every other day release schedule. A bit better paced.

Since I’m practicing being the professional successful author we all know I’m going to become, let’s have a pitch.

“Five years after his death a young mage returns to defend the girl he loves from the enemy that died with him.”

An expanded synopsis:

“Since their leaders death five years previously the Rose Path has fallen on hard times. It’s original members have all left, save one. Nicole Murphy, leprechaun. After being forced out of the inner circle of a group she helped form, she is living the quiet life helping the Odd traveler, and missing him. She thinks her days as a hero are behind her, and she believes luck, and love are for other people.

Death was a release for the mage. Life had been hard, and even the one truly bright spot in his was better off without him. She was safe at least. Until he wakes up one day, in a new body, and with a pressing sense that his war never ended. He can feel he’s not the only one back. The warlock he died to defeat has returned too, and the mage begins a desperate journey to find peace whatever it takes.”

So hope you guys hang out for it. Let me know what you think of everything. I’m off to do some writing, and editing. Get it all ready. Still working on the title. The one I was going to use was taken. Probably release that soon too. Have a nice day everyone.


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