Word Counts (and upping them)

Okay well, if you follow me on twitter (and if you don’t please feel morally obligated to do so now at this link here. @john_cordial ) then you’ve seen these posts popping up with the little pictures, and thanks, and numbers. 2.7k. 3.5k. 4.8k. 5.7K.


Yep, I’m crushing my WIP. 35k words in. Needs lots editing, and quite a bit more besides, but I’m doing it guys. I’m writing a novel. I’ve fallen completely in love with it too. I know, we’re still in the honeymoon phase though. Still lots of work ahead.

It’s flowing so well, it’s beautiful watching the scenes flesh out. Getting even deeper inside these people. This world. It’s got me so hooked, I wasn’t sure I wanted to finish. Until a few hours ago when book 2 slipped into my head. More on that after book one hits the betas, at the earliest.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about why I’m stomping this thing. It’s camp NaNo guys! I want to see you stomp this thing too. Although, I never actually joined NaNo, but screw it, I’m like the ghost camper this year, or something. What was I saying?

Right, word counts.

  1. First of all, I write. Not an easy out here my friends. I push aside everything else, and focus 100% on the page in front of me. 20-45 minute sprints. Stretching (physically), and outline reading between. All you can do.
  2. I do sprints, but I don’t add up each chunk, just the once daily tally. I focus more on total, but I try to write in sprints, if that makes any sense.
  3. I drink ridiculous amounts of coffee. Like 2 pots a day. Don’t be me, especially  if you don’t drink a lot of coffee (You might explode, or at the least twitch a lot). I also match my coffee with water. Lots of liquids. Music
  4. I listen to a lot of music. I’ve got character playlists for POV, and I study the character bio, while I listen to, and build the playlist. It makes slipping between POV fairly easy. Claire’s got the longest Playlist, she’s the most active in modern music, and the most active POV. It’s fun, and I feel closer to them. Listening to music with friends is a nice way to bond.
  5. I plot, and I write down little things. In some cases I have a scene, and a few options for it. Sometimes already some one liners, and stuff.
  6. I really do love this story. It’s new, it’s not something I’ve carried for years, and while some are old friends it’s got lots of fun new characters. I’m excited for every third sentence, and I’m ready to commit to making the rest better. Love is work.
  7. I wrote a few writing prompts, and short stories about the characters. I get to know them. I picked a few mundane activities, and write boring little bits about them. “Claire hit the slurpee button, and was shocked when it spat out a few gobs of thick cold syrups before exploding onto her.” It was a page or so of her going home from work to get a different shirt. Not exciting, a little weird, but interesting enough to see how she acted.
  8. I post wordcounts on twitter before bed. Wake up to a few well wishers, and likes, and everything each morning. Watch on #FF (Follow Friday) on twitter for actual names. Great way to start off writing. It’s amazing, really, and I can’t thank these people enough. Literally, I can’t, I’m that kind of guy. I say sorry all the time too. I should have been Canadian. That’s not a writing tip, btw, I’ve just been up writing like ten hours, and I’m a bit loopy.

Well, that about all I’ve got for you, besides to disregard most my tips, learn what works for you, and do that. It’s probably not the same as what works for me. If it is, then cool, lets hang out sometime, but seriously just cut loose, experiment a little, and see what happens. Let me know how it’s going. You want to talk about writing issues feel free to message, comment, send smoke signal, carrier pigeon, Tweet, DM, or whatever you prefer, and lets talk it out. Same if you got tips, or anything to add. Happy to hear from you.


He ate the cheer sheep, but he’s  willing to hang out.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and I hope you have a great Camp NaNo, or regular wordcount, or day? Whatever you’re going for, you’ve got this. I believe in you, and I know you can do this. Trust me, I’m a writer.

Later friends.


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