“Fix it in Editing”

So I’ve exceeded my word count. Which is nice, because after three restarts this was my last try with this novel. Nothing felt right, but somethings different this time. It’s working for me.

That’s about it for the pluses. I failed to do a second blog, I failed to be more active on twitter. I even overslept today, and was so tired I couldn’t even wake up enough for #storycrafter. That was a bummer. I did get one blog done, but I really could have worked harder on it.

I’ve been caught up in my story. I’ve exceeded my word goal (7k per week), but I didn’t really do anything else I set out to do. It’s a failure, certainly, but at least I got some stuff done.

Broke 500 followers on twitter this week too, even though besides some participation in a friends writing event, I barely did anything else. #WIPathon btw. Good writing event. Re-running it on the 9th of April, I believe. Join up, if you want to get a ton done, and have a fun time doing it.

Umm, I’ve been lazy in my description. I’ll fix it in editing. Motto for me when I’ve got a WIP.

Anyone, I’m going to post the tag I mentioned  in a day or so, and I’ll do another few posts this week, if I can manage it. Started that short story, but my novel is bleeding me dry, so it’s slow.

This weeks wordcount. Rounded off I started at 9k on Monday morning. Ended with 29k, about an hour ago. 20k difference. Nice round number, and 13k above my old word goal. Yes, I did a happy dance, and you know it was a good one. New goal, 2k a day, and 14k a week. Never going to get better taking it easy, but I don’t want to aim too high. Realistic goals are important. If I make 20k, or above, this week I’ll move the goal up.

I don’t have the very first starting picture, I didn’t start taking pics until until Wednesday, but here’s that one, and the latest.


I need to add ‘clean my monitor’ to my list of things to do.

Signing off for now. Got to finish a scene, or two before bed. Good luck to all my friends busy with Camp NaNo. Cheering for all of you. I don’t have pompoms, but I found a sheep emoji. If you need cheering I mean. I can send you a sheep.


Not on my tablet, but artist rendering of said sheep

That whole concept got away from me, but Go Team, and you got this, and everything. It’s cause they look like pompoms, and their isn’t an emoji for that(I like emojis). If you still cared at this point. Even I’ve lost interest. Yeesh. Anyway, promise my novel will be more interesting, and good luck. Have a great one, all that jazz.


2 thoughts on ““Fix it in Editing”

  1. I’m happy to hear your novel is going better this round. Glad things are clicking. đŸ™‚ 20K in a week is a lot. Congrats!

    Don’t feel bad about the things you haven’t accomplished yet. I also missed #storycrafter chat and haven’t been keeping up as much on blog and Twitter. But sometimes you just need a little time to cool down. Use this time to relax, get into your story, and worry about the other stuff later. No one is going to beat you with a stick for being slow at posting things.

    Your word progress is inspiring me to write more. I’m doing Camp NaNo, but I’ve been in a bit of a slump. Hoping to pick it up again soon. Don’t know if I’ll match your fantastic word counts, but I’ll certainly try to write more this week! Best of luck!

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    • Thanks. Normally I’m a slow writer, so this is actually really awesome.
      I’m working on it at least. Got a ton of blog post ideas, if nothing finished.
      Glad you feel inspired, and I hope it picks up for you. I’ve got cheering sheep, if you need it. Good luck to you too. đŸ™‚


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