Methods: Faint to Flesh

Just a few thoughts on Character creation. I’ll probably have some more better organized posts on it later.

First off it’s never too deep.

This is a playlist I created for a character in my novel, it’s all her favorite songs. I also filled out two separate character bios, wrote a family members funeral scene, and her arrival in town. She isn’t feeling human yet, except in those rare lines, I’m not sure I can recreate. She is feeling a lot better than the girl I was working on before. I feel like she’ll get even better, and I know she’s more interesting. Everything has to start somewhere.

I haven’t written a lot of female characters in the past. Hermione, in a fanfic. Not very well. A few lines, as the fox. Jenna, in A Walk in the Woods. About five, or so, in my other ill-fated novel attempts in the past. It’s been on my mind for a long time though. I just want balanced characters, and this weeks #storycrafter live chat( twitter, noon pacific time, see you there) really had me thinking about it a lot.

The key to achieving that is familiarity. The deeper I get into the character the stronger the presence.

Second, research every bit.


I spend a stupid amount of time learning things I will never use. Well stupid, if I knew what I needed. I don’t, so every stupid little fact could prove invaluable. Like I learned, around a week ago, that eagles see a magnificent range of color. So much more that it’s unimaginable. I mean besides the 20/5 vision (see at 20 feet what we see at 5), their eyes have UV capabilities. I thought that was kind of cool, and interesting. I read up a bit on it, and then this morning, well -Click- the idea sprang up.

Well a new idea, prompted by a prompt, and spurred on by some random fact I found while researching ‘Eagles eyes’, all sort of came together. It added a new dimension to my character, and a new direction to take descriptions. It was a rather triumphant moment. He was bland, and now I’ve got at least a bit more flesh on those bones. Research took it a long way.

Third, and final for tonight.

Get in their heads. I’m getting better at mentally RPing the characters. Asking myself a dozen questions about every action. Knowing the signs of any mental, or whatever, issues they may carry. Exemplifying them through action. Nothing quite as good as a damaged character, except, of course, a properly damaged one. I use for that. The mind of the character section is fantastic for relating mental disorders into writing.

Well, like  I said it’s late, and I’ve tossed a lot of words out there today. I hope a few of these last ones made some sense anyway. I’ll have more to say later on characters, and please let me know if I missed anything. Tips you’ve got? Guides, or outlines you like? I’m all ears…

… Which might make for a creepy/interesting character, now that I think about it.

Rock on, my friends.

(Stopped doing my little update note a while back, but counting this blog, and my work in my novel, and a short story I’m messing around with on the side, I topped 3k words today. Only 2.2k in my novel, but I feel good about that. Good enough to make a note anyway.)

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