Rox in the Box

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I’m trying to build decent writing habits, and the best way to do that is to write. Also some accountability stuff, I’ve heard about in passing. Lots of things to work on still, and more issues present themselves daily. I’ve got this though, and I’ll overcome whatever happens, and these are some of the ways. Well, a few of them, and first off it’s that accountability bit.


“The Scripture moveth us in sundry places to acknowledge and confess our manifold sins and wickedness,” – Not a religious person but I like this quote and I think it fits.

So the plan is 1k a day in my WIP novel, then at least two blogs, or prompts, or whatever posted here a week(not including journal posts). I’m going to start tweeting my completed goal each day for my novel. Other than that, I plan on using my usual Sunday (Or 1 am Monday) blog as a sort of check off thing. I’ll note failures, each week and successes. I really want to do this, and while I can’t say I’m ready, this feels like the right direction.

I want to finish my novel, someday. The sooner I get it out of ‘outline/rough draft’ phase and into ‘holy %&$^ I wrote something, and now I should probably learn/do that editing thing everyone is so keen on’ phase.  (Joking, I edit religiously, this time around. I even sacrifice a lamb, or equal, to every work over 10k words.)

What’s no joke is how loose (TERRIBLE) my editing process is.

Read-fix -read -fix -lose place-read-remember fix near end-scroll down-read-fix-forget where I was -start over -read-read-go on twitter-heartallthetweets!!!-in awe of writers -lose train of thought -#randomword search-coconut cakes are beautiful-think about editing-despise self-fill blog with long description of editing process- realize, again,  that this will never work for anything as long as a novel -read-fix-repeat.

I mean, I’ve got reading down, and I’ve got changing stuff that sucks. Well probably not all the sucky bits. I try anyway, and I’ll get better.

I’m missing organization (and discipline, clearly but I already mentio- ohh look shiny). How do you organize something as long as a novel for editing? I imagine I start with the beginning. Keep going until the end. Just jump in one more time?

I’ve leapt headfirst into everything I’ve ever done. I always do, thinking about life, having plans and goals it’s for, well, for people who aren’t me. It’s for people with judgement, people who have a clue, but I’m tired of not knowing where I’m going to land. I’m going to do this, and I need more direction. (I’ll handle the discipline, well with a little help from my friends.)

Yep, so if you’ve got some editing tips, or guides, lay ’em on me. I’ve got a few bookmarks, but one thing I’ve learned, you can never have enough input on something like this. 100 people, 100 opinions, and somewhere in all of them is just what you need. Probably a good mix if you’re like me.

Well that’s about all. Just a mission statement more than anything this time. No questions, already asked mine for now. Have a nice day, and good luck out there guys!


4 thoughts on “Rox in the Box

  1. I completely understand the getting distracted – self-discipline – part. Perhaps give yourself a goal to aim for, rather than trying to edit it all at once. Like ‘Okay, I WILL get to the end of this paragraph/chapter before I check anything else, and once I’ve done that, I’ll just have 15 minutes and then get back to it.’

    I have a habit of going on Twitter, or making a cup of tea, checking my emails, or just getting caught up reading something else, so it’s not something I can say I’ve perfected, but sometimes you just have to do it (for the good of us readers – if nothing else!). 🙂

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    • That’s a really great idea. Thanks!
      I’m the same, I always start out making just a cup of coffee, and next thing I know I’ve spent an hour on youtube, or I’m reading something else entirely, or on twitter. Twitter seems to be the worst of my distractions, but I’m working on it. I’m going to try your suggestion and reward myself with ‘non-writing- time during the day.
      Thanks, and have a nice day!

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  2. Editing is not easy. I’m about to launch into one. What I plan to do is read through what I’ve written and highlight sections that bother me and then read through it again re-examining those sections. I’ll make specific notes about redundant/extraneous scenes, coherence issues, plot holes. After the second read I’ll make the necessary changes. Then a third read-through for a closer look at the actual language.
    But that method is just something I do. It’s something I fell naturally into.
    If there’s a magic way to perfect a story, I want in 🙂
    Good luck finding what works for you.

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    • Good luck on it. Thanks for explaining your process too. I’m making notes. 🙂
      I thought it was my attention span, but after the last short, I realized it was just my lack of direction during editing that caused the slow downs. The longer the work, the worse it is.
      If I find out anything magic, I’ll let you know. Thanks, as always. 🙂


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