Free Range Peeps.

 Happy Easter, or Happy late Easter, since it’s already 7pm here.

It was a busy day. All treats featured here were made by my super-talented sister Lisa.


Pictured: A private peep reserve in remote Northern California.

Had an amazing #storycrafter session today. Nothing strange about that, and as usual a lot to think about. I’ll do a post to organize my thoughts better, in a day or so. Normally I’d go into it deeper, but seriously, I’ve got a lot to say on the subject we covered, it’s worth a full blog post. Which was basically RPing, btw (No I have not gotten better, thanks though for asking) as our ideal reader. . .

Yeah, I was dumbfounded. I’ve literally never thought that far into this. I’m shocked anyone reads me most the time, and I’ve never even thought about why they actually do. Anyway like, I said more on that later.


Pictured: A Cadbury Cream Egg Brownie


Pictured: Visual evidence of said cream egg.

Umm, besides that, been working on a few different things. A Kint short, to be released later this week. My novel is going okay. Again more on that in a later post.


Since this ones so short, I’m stealing another bloggers idea (Thanks Mollie!) and posting some Random Facts:

*I can’t whistle

*I condition my beard, to give it a silky soft quality

*I love tattoos and have one

So did you have a good Easter? Get any good candy? Any Easter traditions you’d like to share? I’d love to hear about them.


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