Let’s not talk about the Macaroons.

My sister made them, and they were delicious. All I want to say on the matter, thank you very much. Actually the amount of people I meet who don’t like coconut has always bothered me on a much deeper level than is right for that sort of thing. I guess I could add that.

On to the journal, we’ve got stuff to cover.

For starters #storycrafter on twitter was pretty awesome this week, as always. Just watched, but it was very informative. There was some really great info on writing tools, and organization. Not for the first time, what the %$^& is a *Blank* was on my mind for a good portion of the session.

Not a lot else. Working out my novel issues has been taking up a lot of my time. Wrote a short story, and then a blog post. Still haven’t touched my pinterest or my tumblr besides a few knee-shaking forays into the lions den. I really should just read a guide, but after I do that, I’ll run out of stuff to be melodramatic about. I’ll have to take up another site to guiltily ignore. (‘Sup Instagram?)

I’m reading a few things right now. I’ll let you know how they are, as I finish them. Probably going to read The Zig-Zag Girl by Elly Griffiths first. It’s set in 1950’s in Brighton. It’s premise, based around stage magic, promises some plot-twists so I’ve got high hopes. I really do love a plot twist.

Well I’m off to do writer stuff.

Have a good day.




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