Free Space: Forest Fun.


(This Free Space is sort of a Journal/Methods post. Why is it in FS? It didn’t really fit either of the others. It’s just sort of a ramble/record of writing.)

I just wrote a short. A Walk in the Park. Kint, some teenagers, a forest. Check it out. I’d read it before this post, otherwise it’s going to get weird(er) up in here for you.

I’m going to talk about inspiration and influences in the writing of it. (Besides caffeine, my ever faithful companion.)



First off Song List. A very action orientated piece it was pretty much all fast paced rock and punk. Here’s my top 5 most listens for the writing portion.

Linkin Park – Keys to the Kingdom: Kint’s fight song. I listen to it as I plan out a lot of his fight scenes and this one was rife with them.

Modest Mouse – Lampshades on Fire: A song I like. No real relation to Kint or the story, but I listened to it about ten times while writing/editing.

The Dropkick Murphys – Rocky Road to Dublin: In the St. Patrick’s day mood, I guess. Although I do listen to a fair bit of Murphys regularly.

Offspring – Mission From God: Definitely a good song for Kint. Also a favorite of mine, although my all time favorite Offspring songs are ‘Want you Bad’ and ‘You’re Gonna Go Far Kid’.

Rise Against – Prayer of the Refugee: Actually the first song I listened to when as I started out the story. Inspired the fire bit in the beginning, and the story being set at night. Also a song of Kint’s, he’s an independent sort of guy.

For editing I always slow it down. Also I put the music player I’m using on autoplay or random. Either that or longer pieces, often full albums. I like to focus a lot on the task in front of me when I edit and switching songs, and the songs themselves are less important for that. Two Steps From Hell and The Decemberists are favorites for my editing stages.

DragonForce for when I get tired. Songs without words, or with those I know so well they fade to me.


Remember this episode?


This is a lot harder. With the songs I can just make a note of each listen. A bit of work, but not that bad when I can just glance through my internet history.

What the hell was I thinking though?

Or more accurately, where did those thoughts come from. Well Kint is Kint. Check around the rest of the site. He’s my main OC for now. My literary home-slice. My samurai Sherlock. (Note to self: Explore that as series tagline)

Dryads? Scooby-Doo and Batman. First time I ever heard of them. Lots of Greek myths, and other legendary tales as a child. Ents partially, and Tolkien for that. C.S. Lewis, of course. Besides that, well I like to play with my fears. Forests at night? Worse thing that could happen in said forest? (next to giant spiders) ‘Trees coming alive.’ Yeah, scariest forest I can imagine.

Forests themselves? Oregon. California too. Places are filthy with them. It’s awesome. I could never live in the woods but it’s fun to visit. I saw a picture on twitter that suggested, possibly as a prompt, to make an Urban Fantasy set in the woods. I didn’t really make note of it, but I remember seeing it about a week ago. Clearly that had to have some effect.

Dave and Jenna? What’s a dark woody night without a couple bright young things getting up to hi-jinks? I wanted to put Kint off his game though. What’s more painful than seeing a face you loved from the past? What’s worse? Fear in their eyes, or distrust, whatever hurts you most really, but for Kint it was fear.


Well I wanted it intense. I wanted people to be worried, and on edge for parts, and I wanted to include the above elements. So I put them together using the usual loose plotting.

Besides that, I just wrote it as one action scene. I trusted the reader (Something I’m working on a lot) to know they were in the forest, after I had said it. I wanted to leave a lot more description in, but I just felt like it cluttered the place up. Minimalism is good for action scenes, especially extended ones.

Also, I avoided the obvious. Kint telling Dave ‘I’m Kint’ after the Dryad attack. (He’s not even Kint, that’s a nom de guerre. Why he avoids an alias he chose is explained much better than I ever could here. Thanks @writerology!)

Checking on Jenna regularly. Her condition doesn’t change much, so I just edited her bits out. Again, I’m trusting the reader to remember a fairly dramatic scene (Not a stretch at all) and I’m building some tension. Constantly saying she’s not dead yet served no purpose in such a short story.

The end? Did Kint hook up with Rikki? Eh, I dunno. Like I said earlier, I trust the reader. Short stories over, so its up to them now.

Well that’s all the words I have, on this subject. If you like the story, or the blog on the writing of the story, just let me know in the comments or find me on twitter. I’d love to hear from you.


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