1AM, again.

Okay, just a quick update here. I did indeed join pinterest, and tumblr. That’s as far as I got. I started a novel but it stalled. I need a new MacGuffin for it. My first concept wasn’t great as far as character motivation goes. Nothing I can’t fix, it just needs a little love.

I’ve been having a bit of writers block too. Probably related. Might write a short story soon. A bit of side fiction helps sometimes.

Awesome reviews on both Wanderer’sWeb, and it’s shorter sequel, Retracing. Thanks guys! Really made my weekend.

Thinking of another Kint short. It’s good practice and while my novel stars a new character, I want Kint to be a part of it too. He’s a great character, well he could be. And I think one day, if we’re very, very lucky, he might even be a good one. (Sherlock is on in the background. I should learn to do gifs or something.)

I want everything I write to be set in the same world anyway. Isn’t that a lot more fun?

Reading up on fight scenes. Also on character creations. Possible future posts on both of those subjects. (Character one will be 80% links to much smarter people than me.)

Umm, I am not a roleplayer. Discovered that the public way. Either that or I need a character whose main MO isn’t ‘Flirts evasively’ or is just evasive. (‘Why don’t we talk about you, Gorgeous? I could drown in your eyes, princess.’- Kint’s responses to most any question from a lady. Not a tweet I’m comfortable posting.)

I’ll do better next time. (A core tenet of a happy life.)

New characters will be ready then too. A lot easier with Sundry I’m betting.

Not much besides that.¬†What type of music are you guys into? I saw a few blogs where people list off their favorite songs for writing. I was thinking about making a post like that but I’m about 99% sure no one wants to know how much Decemberists I listen to.

Well off to bed. Hope your day, or night, is good!

(1am is a good time for blog stuff right? I mean I started this thing at 1am, might as well keep up the tradition.)


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