And then some sleep.

(Bobo, at the top.)

Just a short update, since my last posts haven’t included anything. My novel is around 12k words in and pretty well planned out, beside the need for a new city to set it in. Some stresses in my personal life have hampered me a bit, as usual. Nothing new under the sun.

I’ll get through.

On the positive side: I created a Facebook for my writing: John Cordial   Zero friends, so far (Hint, hint). I’m looking into pinterest tomorrow. I’ve got little interest in pins, but I assume that’s just a site name and it’s not actually for pin hobbyists.

If it is though that’s cool. A little surprising but I can go with it.

Updated Retracing again. Almost the end of it. A few people like it. That’s really nice, a few reads always brightens my day.

Not much else to tell. Its 2:08 A.M. here and I’m reading through my story plan once more before bed.

Hows your day been?


4 thoughts on “And then some sleep.

  1. Oh man, Pinterest is amazing and is a procrastinator’s dream come true 😀 I’ve lost many a hour after falling down the pinning hole. They should probably have some kind of timer that kicks you off after awhile…hmm…*runs to jot down amazing idea* 😉 Good luck with your writing!

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