Free Space 0: Fuel to Fires

This is Free Space, a spot for me to just ramble on about whatever I’m rambling on about. Not that my whole blog isn’t essentially me rambling but here is where I’ll advertise it as such. Not sure if this will be a regular thing but we’ll see.

Today’s topic:

I’ve been thinking about ‘drive’ a lot lately. Not just why I write though, not just the big one, but little things that add to my drive. Things that make it easier to write that I do everyday.

First off, a few nice words: I use motivational posters as my desktop. Writer’s quotes that either mean a lot to me or push me forward. It’s something small but it really helps me to keep going when I’m down. I usually get them online, but I’ve made the last few on my own.

They aren’t world changing but every time I see my desktop, I get a little boost. Little bits add up. It helps, when I close my typing program in a huff or just exhausted, to have those words waiting for me. A lot more than I thought it would.

Secondly, mood boosters: I drink caffeine and listen to music as I write. Coffee usually, and just any music, depending on how I feel. I do have one song, It always raises my spirits when I’m down, and I listen to it at least once a day. Also I always drink out of my fox cup when I write.



Ritual: No, put the dagger and the sacrificial virgins away. I just mean a little thing I do everyday or every time I get ready to write. I get myself something to drink. I pace a bit, and I reread my story plan. Not always in that order but it’s how I psych myself up.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind: Not really but I walk a few miles each morning. A few more in the evening. It makes me feel better and I’m often most productive after my walks. (Or at one in the morning when I have to be up early the next day)

Clean Body, Clean Mind: Again not literally but when I’m really stuck for writing ideas sometimes a hot shower can help. Full confession here, I often put my hair up afterwards, and put on cologne. Clean, well-dressed and nice smelling writer is far more confident than, ‘Is it really a shower day?’ writer.

So that my how I put ink to paper. How do you like to get ready to write?

What’s your writing ritual?

What habits make it easier for you to slay that blank page?


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