Writer of Fictions….

Dreams don’t drive all aspirations, some take change…..

I’m starting this blog because I gave up. Not recently, but a long time ago. I never even realized I had, it was never a clear thought in my head, but in function I had stopped trying to achieve a goal, and that is giving up, regardless of intent.

I didn’t start this blog to discuss that though, what I started this blog to do is simple: Document me not giving up. Document the journey from aspiring to published, and most of all to talk about the great love of my life, stories. Making stories, stories I’ve read, and stories I’d like to read.

My stated end goal, as of this first post is to produce a book that I feel is worthy of the effort of pushing onto the public. To become, an author, even not a successful one will be the culmination of dreams I’ve carried with me since I was 8 years old.

Until that blessed day, I’ll detail what I think will be of interest to my unlikely followers and to myself in some far-flung future where I actually do this, and I’ll maybe review a book or two and share some tips.

To start with writing is easy. You just put on some music, lean back, relax and let your fingers do the talking. Cake walk. Writing interesting and good books, and releasing them to the public? A different animal all together. Especially when coupled with a severe lack of experience in writing, marketing, publishing, and social media.

I am not a clever man. I am not really prepared for any of this, and I’d be lying if I said I truly believed I could do it. I want to believe. When I close my eyes, I can see it, and I can feel it somewhere deep inside of me, the stories and the characters. The lives I could create, I just don’t know how.

So I asked a friend, who gave me some good advice, and I googled it.

I also wrote a novella, and put it up on wattpad, under CordialJohn. I wrote it in six days, edited in one, and learned to make a cover, that I actually like. An 18,000 word novella. Is it great? No. It’s not, I can see that, and I can do better. I know I can. It’s a start though and I enjoyed it a lot. I really like my cover.

is writing 6 books in 6 months… I can’t even finish one book in several years! Great, now I feel like I’m behind…” –@MrMDuncan

I joined Twitter, and started posting on there. Stupid stuff, and congratulations to people who had achieved It. Who had written, and published a book. It was a nice thing to do and I like to be nice to people, but it was a thrill to me to even say ‘thank you’ to these living gods of their own worlds. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. I enjoyed just talking to people. I like social media, who knew? Was it super productive? No, but I got a few followers in a week or so. 3o as I write this. (Wanderer’s Web was retweeted by JC Steel, wow, that was rush)

As well as all of that I read, and read, and read. I never get tired of it anyway. Not much for fun though. I read every bit of advice I could, on everything writing and self-publishing, creating. I talked in forums. I asked for help, and I’ve received it in abundance. (Remember Paranormal? They were great huh? I hope we still talk to them) I put myself out there and found guidance. It feels great.

Finally I started this blog. I wanted to read all this again in the future anyway, but it does help to collect my thoughts. My path is laid out. I know where I want to go and it gets clearer by the day. I’m not ready, not really, but I’ve started anyway.


2 thoughts on “Writer of Fictions….

  1. I there 🙂
    We met yesterday on Twitter, remember? I came here to read a few of your stories. I tried to read the more recent one, but it’s so obvious there so much story before that, I thought I’d read something older. So I checked the archives and saw you’re blog is so new! That’s how I came to this very first post.

    I really enjoyed it. It’s like listening to my same words… I mean, we seem to be on the very same boat… and it’s kind of nice.
    I also discovered I like social media when I finally started using them. I have a blog that I adore. I’ve just selfpublished my first novella (ehy! 18k words too). See?

    I’m happy we met 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Of course I remember, thanks for stopping by. 🙂
      How could I forget a cool name like Jazzfeathers? It’s fantastic to meet you, I always love meeting new writer friends. Also I will have to, and plan to, google what dieselpunk is, but it sounds interesting.
      Yeah, character limits, I never manage to fit enough in. They’re actually more Novellas. Here’s a link to the start of the Rose Path: http://wp.me/p7goir-UO
      I took down my very first novella for grammar editing, and better formatting.
      Thanks for following, looking forward to your blog as well.
      Yeah, I’m getting used to social media. Enjoying the ride though, and I really like the hashtag games. Nice way to get people interested in your work 😉
      Congratulations! That’s awesome. I’m hoping to self publish mine sometime in the fall. I actually felt like it was a lot farther along but I just want my first full length offering to the public to be really amazing.
      Happy to meet you too, and thanks again for stopping in, and commenting. 🙂

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